Joining a workplace for the first time can be daunting under even the best circumstances. Can you imagine a young persons thoughts at such a crucial stage?

Do my potential employers have an LGBTI policy?

How far do I come out during the interview process?

How far do I come out during the interview process?

Should I mention my LGBTI volunteer activities on my CV?

Do I go back into the closet after I get the job?

These are some of the difficult questions that younger LGBTI people often ask themselves as they discover a career path they’ll immerse themselves in.

Recognizing this, the Foundation created the “Young@WorkplacePride” program to bridge gaps for younger LGBTI people in the workplace, but also to help employers understand how they can better communicate to this next generation of employees and future leaders.

The program has numerous activities for Workplace Pride members, ensuring that the changing world of work that we live in also takes young LGBTI people further into account.

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