Global Leaders Council

The GLC was initiated in 2018 at the request of our members.  This forum replaces the Executive Roundtable which previously took place in conjunction with Workplace Pride’s annual International Conferences.  

Designed as a quarterly discussion amongst Foundation members, the GLC provides a convenient and effective platform for a high-level exchange of LGBTI good practices and strategies amongst peers. All types of topics are covered at the GLC meetings from voluntary self-disclosure of LGBTI identities, to the mobility of LGBTI professionals in countries where it is not culturally accepted or even legal to be LGBTI.  While the focus of the GLC is primarily on international topics, general D&I and national topics are also covered on a regular basis.

All Workplace Pride members are invited to attend GLC meetings but it is required that Members’ delegates have a decision-making capacity within their own organisations. 

For more information on the GLC, contact