LGBTI people continue to be discriminated against in workplaces around the world. While Workplace Pride Members support the Foundation through yearly contributions and their own efforts at LGBTI inclusion, additional support is always needed for the millions of employees who are not to fortunate enough to work for one of our members. Click on “DONATE” below to show your support  and help make a difference for LGBTI people at work around the world. (includes Tax-Free ANBI status for Dutch residents)

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Workplace Pride Foundation has received the coveted “ANBI” status from the Dutch tax authorities. ANBI, (Algemeen Nut Beoogende Instelling: or a public-benefit organization) is awarded based upon an organization’s form, policy plan, and financial transparency. The main purpose of the ANBI status is to allow private persons in the Netherlands to deduct donations to the Foundation from their income tax, thereby helping us to create more inclusive workplaces for LGBTI people.

The Workplace Pride Foundation is registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (KvK nr. 34294570). The foundation’s fiscal number (RSIN number) is 819029695.

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