Speed Dating at Uber

Young@Workplace Pride’s team held their first event of the year at Uber. Aimed at young professionals needing guidance and/or to guide someone in need of help as they start out in their professional life whilst being LGBTI. 

After a great introduction, which set the tone for the night, it was initially difficult to get people to move on to the next pairing as their conversations were deep and detailed. And guests agreed that 3-minutes was too short of a time to really chat.

Most people were so enthralled in their conversations that they stayed on afterward for the “borrel” and “apres-borrel” at a nearby cafe. This high energy and high engagement is an encouraging demonstration of the value of mentorship programs like this and we hope to have more similar events and see this group grow!

“As we were wrapping up, our team received lots of compliments and interest in more activities like this which bridge the gap between generations and professional fields”

Huge thanks to Uber for hosting and Ali and the team!

Keep in the loop for Young@workplacepride’s next event!