Annual Member’s Meeting

The Workplace Pride Annual Member’s meeting is the moment in the year when we give an update on the many activities of the Foundation over the past 12 months and take a peek into the planning for the new year.

This year, Workplace Pride member Accenture hosted the event in their office in the Ito building on the Amsterdam Zuidas. With a dramatic nighttime view over the skyline, 16 floors up, as the backdrop for the gathering, host Javier Leonor kicked off the presentations with an insight on how his company take an in-depth look at LGBTI inclusion. His very down-to-earth and practical take on LGBGTI inclusion gave participants plenty of food for thought on how they look at the efforts in their own organisation. Key phrases included “Silence is not a strategy” and “Its what you do, not what you say”. 

Workplace Pride Chair, Mark Emdin, followed up by putting the overall topic of LGBTI inclusion in perspective and how the Foundation continually strives to improve its offering to our members and to be of greater service to the LGBTI community around the world. 

Executive Director, David Pollard continued with the main body of the presentation by outlining the: 

  • Current legal and cultural landscape for LGBTI inclusion around the world and here in the Netherlands, 
  • 35% growth of Foundation membership in 2019
  • Highlights of the Foundation’s many activities and initiatives this year
  • Challenges that these have presented as well as the opportunities
  • Planning for 2020 
The Annual Members Meeting presentation can be downloaded here:

Thanks again to Accenture for hosting the event and to the many members who were able to attend. 

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